Why Buck Brannaman?

Buck Brannaman is a phenomenal horseman who teaches his methods, and those of his mentors, in 4-day clinics around the world. His philosophy of working in harmony with horses has been extremely successful for so many horses and people alike. Buck works with horses in a way that is fair and kind to the animal, which in turn creates a true partnership between horse and human. This whole philosophy is based off of mutual respect; this ensures that the two “partners” get along. In his clinics, Buck teaches a variety of exercises to develop the horse’s mind and body, from short serpentines to complex flying lead changes in a teardrop pattern. Perhaps the most profound aspect about Buck’s way is his willingness to work with the horse instead of against him. 

Buck’s story is beautifully portrayed in the documentary Buck; if you haven’t seen it, I would HIGHLY recommend it. This movie is loved by everyone who sees it, horse people and non-horse people alike! 

At SAFE, all of the horses are exposed to Buck’s methods because they work on any type of horse from any background. We’ve seen incredible success on many breeds, from rowdy ex-racehorses to extremely sensitive Arabians to energetic Saddlebreds. These methods work because they use the language of the horse to communicate. The horse is given a chance to both learn from his mistakes and feel “like a winner”. We as riders respect the horse and ask for them to do the same in return. It’s not about winning a ribbon or making the horse look pretty—it’s about doing what’s in the best interest of the individual animal. Rescue horses thrive on this prefect combination of having a job and feeling successful. The method lays the foundation for a good relationship, and with that the horse can go any imaginable direction in his new forever home. As long as the fundamentals are there, anything is possible.

To learn more about Buck or see his clinic schedule, please visit brannaman.com