September 14th, 2015: Liberty

We did just a groundwork session today, and I decided to some liberty work. I’ve only done liberty with Jewel a few times, but she did really well! She is learning to follow me at the walk and even some at the trot without any tack. And she does a good job of coming to me when I draw/call her off the rail. She definitely prefers having me on her left eye (which is typical because that is the side where people mostly are), so we are practicing a lot of leading from the right eye, and also having her comfortable with me just petting her from the right side. She’s gotten much better about it because we’ve been working on it a lot, but we still have a ways to go. We also practiced her hind quarter yields, which are coming along much better now, too. It still takes a few tries for her to remember to bend her body correctly and step her inside hind underneath herself without leaking out her shoulder, but she is “remembering” in less and less time each day.