September 29th, 2015

Jewel got a good workout today. We did lots of work at the trot on getting a soft feel and staying centered. Every time I ride her she feels about 10 times softer and just plain better than the last time, and today was no exception. We also cantered in the big arena with much more speed control and better “steering”. For roping, I again practiced throwing the rope and coiling it from her back but we tried it at the trot today which was very successful. I also roped both her hind feet from the ground today and it was much better—at one point she kicked a bit at the rope but then settled quickly.

One thing that hit me today was that she has so much more “try” than I would expect from a horse with her laid-back temperament. I would assume that she would be on the lay side because of her calm nature, but that is not true! She really tries hard for me, and I feel so lucky to be able to learn from her. What a special horse!!

The light was so pretty this afternoon, so I took some pictures of the pony. She’s such a cutie!