Pictures From the Clinic!

Yesterday I went to see Jewel for the first time since the clinic. I was away in California for a week to help at a horse competition, so she had a nice little vacation. But wow, I couldn’t stop thinking what a cool horse she was the whole time I was riding her! I got on and started adjusting my reins while I was talking with someone and not paying attention, and she immediately gave me a soft feel. She remembered so much of what we worked on–hooking the rein to her foot, reaching out a foot, serpentines with and without reins, and of course the soft feel at both the walk and trot. We had such a nice, mellow ride and it was wonderful to see her again.

I finally went through the pictures for the clinic, hope you enjoy them! Thank you all again so very much for everything that you did to support us. You guys are the best, truly!!!