Buck Clinic Day 1

Day 1 was a success! Jewel was an angel through the whole class and even had her own fan club (thank you everyone who came out to support us!!!!!). In the clinic, we worked a lot on riding balanced serpentines with hands and legs together, then with legs only. We also practiced our hind quarter yields and soft feel. It was so amazing to have Buck demonstrate how complex and intricate these motions can be despite the fact that they can seem relatively simple. Jewel did really well with this and we both discovered a lot we can work on. She had absolutely no problems staying calm or standing still, which was fabulous (though not surprising!). There was a lot of great information in the afternoon class, from speed control off of the rider’s seat to backing up with softness and punctuality. I rode Jewel again this evening and we got our serpentines and soft feel going much better. When more people came in the arena to ride I pulled out my rope and we all practiced some roping, so Jewel got some more exposure with that. Everyone loved her so much–how could they not?! She was so well-behaved and adorable, what a good girl 🙂